FBA Conference & Awards 2023

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FBA Conference & Awards 2023

Our Food & Beverage Conference & Awards are this October!                          

Our 2nd annual Food & Beverage Atlantic Conference & Awards 2023 is being held this October 24 & 25 at the prestigious Light House Arts Centre in Halifax. This 2-day event is jam-packed with incredible speakers, networking opportunities, and, of course, our annual awards.

Building upon the tremendous success of our inaugural event, we have expanded the festivities, offering a comprehensive program filled with industry insights, educational expertise, valuable networking opportunities, and exciting new awards! This is a celebration of the remarkable achievements and growth of our dynamic food and beverage sector so come and join us.

As part of our expanded awards segment on Day 1, we are holding a Dragons’ Den-style Foodie’s Choice Award. Hosted by Katie Kelly, this award will see our nominated members battle it out to showcase how their product goes beyond conventional norms and breaks new ground in taste, quality and presentation. Winners will be announced later that day.

Our speaker lineup is simply incredible on both days. We are very lucky to have such an amazing agenda so please enjoy, learn and mingle. Day one includes talks by Andrew MacGillivray, retired President and CEO of Gay Lea Foods, Kevin Elder, from Food Processing Skill Canada, amongst other speakers, and a high-impact panel, “Workforce of the Future”, with Jilian Tonet, Tim Brennan, Wendy Cukier and Wanda Cuff-Young.

Day 2 will be just as jam-packed, featuring talks by Jon Hanifen on “Packaging Innovation”, and Jo-Ann McArthur on “Unlocking Opportunities” amongst many other speakers. We will also have two panels, “Key Lessons from International Food Business: A Student Perspective” with Dr. Phoebe Stephens and a student cohort from Dalhousie University, and “FBA Masterclass Insight Panel” by Peter Chapman, Norm Purdy and Al Archibald. Our keynote speaker is the unmissable Heather Moyse, keynote speaker, author, and coach, known for her expertise in overcoming obstacles, performance at the highest level, value-based decision-making, and the champion mindset, whether in business or life. As a four-time Olympian and two-time Olympic gold medallist in bobsleigh and an inductee in the World Rugby Hall of Fame, Heather has been described as Canada’s best-ever all-round female athlete, having also competed internationally in track cycling after only five months of doing the sport to recover from an ankle injury. A mindset masterclass!

Both days will start with coffee and a chance to network. There will also be a cocktail reception on Day 1. The FBA Conference & Awards is open to members and non-members. Tickets and the full agenda are available online at https://atlanticfood.ca/fba-conference-awards-2023/.

We are excited to be delivering an extraordinary event that we believe mirrors the incredible efforts we have seen our members put into their businesses this last year. We are immensely proud of you all, so we hope you will enjoy this incredible experience.

If you have any questions about the FBA Conference & Awards, you are welcome to email us.   

Dates in diaries! We’ll see you there!


FBA Conference & Awards 2023

“The workshop got us prepared and feeling confident to pitch our first product to a national retailer like Sobeys. Our product got accepted in Sobeys!”

Ben Wiper,

Co-founder & CEO

Marine Scientific Ltd