Born local.Works global.


To build a strong food community within Atlantic Canada.


A better tomorrow through food.

FBA continues to expand its activities in key programs including delivering affordable, accessible food safety and regulatory training programs, innovative and affordable marketing and partnership opportunities and industry conferences. We help lead export trade missions (both physically and now virtually) in the United States, Latin America, Asia, India and Europe.

Always building forward to provide added benefits, FBA encourages the participation and contribution of its members with the goal to improve the well-being and bottom line of each individual company and our sector as a whole. 

Always building.
Always improving.
Always moving
That’s our promise
to FBA members.

Originally incorporated in July 1999 as the New Brunswick Food & Beverage Processors Association Inc., an enterprising group of food processors working together with government, seized the opportunity to create an effective industry association to support continued growth and prosperity of food and beverage manufacturers in the region.

“FBA has been an incredible support system to my company- both before Covid and now during all the upheaval and adjustments. Tammy Brideau and her team have reached out over and over again to help with marketing, sales, distribution, networking, and moral support. They respond quickly to issues with the compassion and knowledge it takes to get a community through good times and bad. Thanks FBA! ”

Julain Molnar,


Fresh Start Fauxmage