FBA Conference & Awards 2023

FBA Conference & Awards 2023 banner - Join us October 24th and 25th in Halifax

Second Annual FBA Conference and Awards

We are thrilled to announce the highly anticipated 2nd Annual FBA Conference & Awards, taking place on October 24-25, 2023, at the prestigious Light House Arts Centre (previously known as the ‘World Trade Convention Centre’) in Downtown Halifax, NS.

Building upon the tremendous success of our inaugural event, this year’s conference will span two days, offering a comprehensive program filled with industry insights, educational expertise, valuable networking opportunities, and exciting new awards! Together, let’s celebrate the remarkable achievements and growth of our dynamic food and beverage sector.

Be sure to mark your calendars and stay tuned for further updates, including the registration link, which will be shared soon. We are looking forward to coming together with you for this extraordinary event!

Preferred Room Rates for FBA Conference Delegates



10:00 AM – Welcome Remarks / Mots de bienvenue

10:15 AM – Lessons of a Brand Manager by Andrew MacGillivray / Leçons d’un chef de marque par Andrew MacGillivray

11:05 AM – Using Digitization and Automation for a Competitive Advantage by David McNally / Utiliser la numérisation et l’automatisation pour un avantage concurrentiel par David McNally

11:55 AM – Lunch / Dîner

12:30 PM – Foodie’s Choice Award Pitches, hosted by Katie Kelly / Présentations des Foodie’s Choice Awards, animées par Katie Kelly

1:25 PM – FBA Masterclass Insight Panel by / Panel d’experts de la Masterclass ABA par Peter Chapman, Norm Purdy and / et Al Archibald with / avec Brad Rideout, Kate Wynn, John Ernst and / et Courtney Schmidt

2:15 PM – Labour Market Insights for Atlantic Canada by Kevin Elder / Aperçu du marché du travail pour le Canada atlantique par Kevin Elder

3:05 PM – Workforce of the Future panel with Jillian Tonet, Tim Brennan, Dr. Wendy Cukier and Wanda Cuff-Young / Panel sur les Effectifs du Futur avec Jillian Tonet, Tim Brennan, Dr. Wendy Cukier and Wanda Cuff-Young

4:00 PM – Interlude featuring performance by Jackson Weldon / Intermède avec la performance de Jackson Weldon

4:30 PM – Awards Celebration with Katie Kelly / Cérémonie des prix avec Katie Kelly

5:15 PM – Cocktail Reception / Réception


8:45 AM – Welcome Remarks / Mots de bienvenue

8:55 AM – Key Lessons from International Food Business: A Student Perspective with Dr. Phoebe Stephens / Principales Leçons du Commerce Alimentaire International : le Point de Vue d’un étudiant avec Dr. Phoebe Stephens

9:50 AM – Packaging Innovation: Trends, Solutions, and Cost Reduction by Jon Hanifen / Innovation en matière d’emballage : tendances, solutions et réduction des coûts par Jon Hanifen

10:35 AM – Break / Pause

10:55 AM – Unlocking Innovation Opportunities by Jo-Ann McArthur / Libérer des opportunités d’innovation par Jo-Ann McArthur

11:55 AM – Lunch / Dîner

12:50 PM – Making DEI Work: Real Solutions for Food & Beverage by Tera McDonald / Faire fonctionner DEI : de vraies solutions pour l’alimentation et les boissons par Tera McDonald

1:45 PM – Redefining ‘Realistic’: The Champion Mindset by Heather Moyse / Redéfinir le « réaliste » : l’état d’esprit du championpar Heather Moyse

2:45 PM – Break / Pause

3:00 PM – Ready for Retail by Lauren Luscombe / Prêt pour la Commerce de Détail par Lauren Luscombe

3:45 PM – Closing Remarks / Remarques finales

Call for Presenters!

Call for Presenters! Food & Beverage Atlantic is currently accepting submissions for content leaders to present at the 2023 Food & Beverage Conference: Connect. Learn. Grow. If you have the qualifications to participate as a subject matter expert for the food and beverage industry, please complete the application form by July 14th.

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FBA Food & Beverage Atlantic Awards 2023 banner

The FBA Awards celebrates Atlantic Canada's Leaders in the Food and Beverage Industry

The FBA Awards will be celebrated during the FBA Conference October 24-25, 2023.

The Awards

The Mover & Shaker of the Year recognizes an FBA member who has successfully demonstrated their growth and accomplishments within the industry as a mature business. The Mover & Shaker of the Year has clearly demonstrated a strong go-to-market strategy and has plans on how they will build on this for new growth/new markets/new products.


  • Be an FBA member in good standing.
  • Be 4+ years in business.
  • Demonstrate strong market growth and expansion.

The Innovator of the Year recognizes an FBA member who has demonstrated initiatives to achieve growth through innovation. The Innovator of the Year has clearly demonstrated how they challenge the status quo and have developed an innovative solution that successfully enables positive change to occur.


  • Be an FBA member in good standing.
  • Demonstrate innovation in any of the following: processes, technology, ingredients, human resources, culture, engagement, sales and marketing, product development, health and safety, research and development.

The Rising Star of the Year recognizes an FBA member who has demonstrated strong market growth and expansion. The Emerging Business of the Year clearly demonstrated how they have grown from start-up to a successful business with plans for future growth.


  • Be an FBA member in good standing.
  • Be in business less than 4 years, more than 2 years.
  • Demonstrated strong market growth and expansion.
  • Has caught the eye of industry and consumers as ‘one to watch’.

The Storyteller of the Year recognizes an FBA Member who has demonstrated their brands narrative in a compelling and engaging way. The Storyteller of the Year has clearly demonstrated a strong marketing strategy and execution plan to build their brand.


Nominees must:

  • Be an FBA member in good standing.
  • Demonstrate how their marketing initiatives and campaigns have been successful.
  • Utilize a variety of consumer facing media and activity to build brand awareness such as traditional media, digital media and in store.

The Nomination Process

  1. An individual can only win one award out of all categories.
  2. Nominations for any food processor are welcomed provided they are within the Food and Beverage Industry.
  3. Nominees must be a member of good standing with Food and Beverage Atlantic.
  4. If you are nominating someone other than yourself, the person you are nominating must be aware of the nomination.
  5. The Judging Panel may contact members of the nominee’s organization to corroborate or obtain additional information.
  6. Closing date for nominations is August 24. 2023.
  7. Nominations will be approved by the committee.
  8. Approved nominees will be notified of their nomination August 25, 2023 and asked to complete an application.
  9. Closing date for nominee applications is September 8, 2023.
  10. Winners to be selected by the judging panel on September 15, 2023.  
  11. Awards will be presented at the FBA Conference on October 24-25, 2023. Awards will only be presented if nominations received meet set criteria.
  12. All decisions of the judging panel relating to the awards will be final.

You may name yourself, or another individual, as the nominee. If you are nominating someone other than yourself, the person you are nominating must be aware of the nomination. Please be sure they are advised before completing the nomination form.

A complete nomination has the following components:

  • Nominator Name/Contact Information
  • Nominee Name/Contact Information
  • Summary of how nominee meets the listed criteria (500 words or less)
  • One reference letter (one can be written by the Nominator) in support of the nominee & Reference Contact Information

Use this form to complete your nomination. Once a nomination has been submitted it will be considered final and no changes may be made.

FBA Award Finalists and Winners

●      Up to four finalists will be selected in the Storyteller of the Year, Mover & Shaker of the Year, Innovator of the Year and Rising Star Award categories.

●      1 award will be presented in each category.

●      All award winners are requested to attend the FBA Conference & Awards to accept their award.

●      All award winners will be asked to deliver a short acceptance speech during the Awards ceremony.

Contact Us

Any questions regarding the submission or the FBA Awards general rules and regulations should be directed to: Food & Beverage Atlantic at admin@atlanticfood.ca

FBA Food & Beverage Atlantic Awards 2023 banner for Foodie's Choice Award

The Foodie’s Choice Award recognizes an FBA member’s product that goes beyond conventional norms, breaking new ground in taste, quality and presentation

The contest will take place on Day 1 of the Conference in a ‘Dragon’s Den’ format style.  The three selected applicants will have exactly 5 minutes to pitch their product to a love panel of judges.  The judges will be able to then taste the product, deliberate, and choose a winner who will be announced later that day at the Awards Ceremony.  It will be an exciting moment of the event and not to be missed! 


  • You must be an FBA member in good standing. 
  • You must be a registered attendee on-site for the presentation and judging. 
  • You must be prepared to present your product within a 5-minute window to a panel of judges. 
  • Your product will be judged on: 
  • Taste/Flavour 
  • Quality of ingredients 
  • Value of product 
  • Innovation (New ingredient, redesigned shape/size, new formula, etc.) 
  • Packaging (Sustainable, eco-friendly, etc.) 


Submission Guidelines: 

  • You must complete the application form by Friday, September 29th. 
  • The approved three applicants will be notified the week of October 2nd. 
  • The winner will be announced in real time at the Conference & Awards. who