Principles of Food Safety Internal Auditing

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Courses are held virtually

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Food and Beverage Atlantic

March 9, 2023
8:30 am
March 10, 2023
4:30 pm


Course Duration: 2 days

Course Description: This practical, hand-on course is focused on the attainment of two sets of defined competencies: (1) auditing skills and (2) understanding and appreciation of quality management systems. Following the basic steps of a Food Safety & Quality audit, from Preparation and Evaluation, to Reporting and Corrective Action, participants learn auditing processes and procedures using the Guidelines for Auditing Management Systems (ISO 19011:2011).

The training provides key concepts that can be applied within an internal audit program, and makes comparisons with third-party audits by certification bodies and audits of suppliers. Practical workshops, a case study, and simulated audits are used to practice new skills and techniques. Competency-based exercises are conducted throughout the course.

Who Should Attend:

  • Individuals who want to become an Internal Auditor,
  • Individuals who want to obtain a formal qualification to add to their internal auditing experience
  • Individuals interested in conducting first-party and second-party audits
  • Management representatives, Food safety Team Members, Quality Managers, Engineers, Internal Audit Team

Key Session Topics:

  • Introduction and background of Food Safety & Quality Auditing in the Food Industry
  • Internal Auditing Principles and requirements specific to QMS
  •  Understand the roles and responsibilities of auditors
  •  Be able to plan and conduct an internal audit
  • Know how to write concise, accurate and factual audit reports
  • Be able to undertake audit follow-up activities


  • Understand HACCP ,  Site QMS & GFSI Standard if exist
  • Food Industry Experience

Certificate: Candidates who successfully complete an Internal Audit training program will receive a PCR Certificate of Completion & passing exam with 75% score.

*Courses are held virtually

Goranka Platisa


About the presenter

Goranka Platisa is an experienced industry consultant and is highly regarded by all clients and government authorities in Canada and the USA.  She is experienced in providing training, as well as working with Food Safety team members to design and implement effective Food Safety and Quality Management programs that meet the requirements of the GFSI standards. 

In addition, she is a certified manager and trainer for HACCP courses and is also familiar with all new compliance requirements regarding new Canadian & US legislation, and the gaps between GFSI and FSMA for those products being imported into the US.


Courses are held virtually

Members: $450
Non-Member Cost: $600

Presented by

Food and Beverage Atlantic


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