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Edition 20

Edition 20: December 15, 2022

Join the Atlantic Canada Pavilion and showcase your Food & Beverage Company at the world’s #1 Food Innovation Tradeshow!

Top 3 reasons for exhibiting:

1. Generating new sales leads

2. Finding new distributors/partners/resellers

3. Increasing awareness of their brand

Provincial funding is available to help offset the cost of participating.


This program has been made available in part by funding from ATIGA.

This 3-day course will help business owners and leaders develop a roadmap for managing, improving and scaling their food & beverage business. The course covers all aspects of general business, from defining purpose and competitive strategy to building high-performing teams and managing for profit. Attendees will work together in an in-person workshop setting to learn techniques and skills using a case study and sharing their experiences.


The ideal candidate is an entrepreneur operating a food and beverage processor in Atlantic Canada. These are the people with the decision-making powers. Business owners looking to grow their businesses, improve results and take control in a very challenging industry will find value in this workshop series.


Participants will attend the workshop in person in Halifax (venue to be confirmed). Accommodations and meals are included in the registration price.

This program has been made available in part by funding from ACOA.

This course is a LIVE online interactive course, starting January 25th and held weekly for 6 weeks (8:30am-12pm).

The Food & Beverage Sales & Marketing MasterClass is designed for professionals with marketing and sales responsibilities. The course delves into all aspects of marketing and sales for food and beverage products. A comprehensive case study is employed to allow participants to collaborate and learn by discussing and solving problems together. Over the 6-week interactive course, participants will get to know their peers and build strong relationships that can be leveraged in their careers. Templates, tools and calendars are provided to help each participant apply the learning in their own company. The sections covered include core analysis and adjacency mapping for growth, category and competitor analysis, customer segmentation, value proposition development, packaging and pricing best practices, trade and consumer marketing tactics, and how to hire and manage food brokers and distributors.

This program has been made available in part by funding from ACOA.

This program has been made available in part by funding from ACOA.



This is 1 day, Instructor-led, face-to-face (optionally virtual) course including class, individual and team exercises.


The course focuses on control and management of preventative measures through development of the Crisis Management  Plan to ensure safe food production.

This program offers the tools for assessing, effectively preventing and managing Food Safety and Security threats that could easily be integrated into your existing Food Safety system, thereby ensuring both intentional and unintentional food contamination is controlled.


The Food Safety System defines food fraud as the fraudulent and intentional substitution, dilution or addition to a product or raw material, or misrepresentation of the product or material, for the purpose of financial gain, by either increasing the apparent value of the product or by reducing the cost of its production.



This course will provide guidance how to determine the shelf life of a food product involves considering the microbiological, physical and chemical deterioration of the food product over time and using the appropriate analytical and sensory methods to assess product quality. The shelf life is a part of New Product Development (NPD) and essential for business success and growth and playing important part of final product characteristics and guidance. This training also is designed to provide you with an overview of the product labelling requirements for food products.

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A totally delicious marketing opportunity exclusively offered to FBA members.  Contact Dwayne for more information.

Deadline to register: January 5, 2023

Food and Beverage Atlantic has a wide variety of member consultants who can provide expertise and an objective eye to help guide your food business. These experts specialize in various areas, including business development and strategy, operations, food safety and certifications, export, distribution, digitization, sales and marketing, and any other challenges you could use expert help with.

If you are interested in being added to the FBA Consultant Directory, we ask that you fill in your information by clicking HERE. This offer is only open to experts and consultants who are a FBA member in good standing.

Food & Beverage Atlantic is working in partnership with the four Atlantic Provinces and the Atlantic Canada Opportunities to facilitate a program for export-ready food and beverage companies in the natural food category.

This program offers support to companies interested in exporting to the US:

  • Meet one-on-one with in-market consultant to discuss your current export capacity and growth plans
  • Based on export readiness, companies may take part in arranged meetings with vetted buyers in the US seeking products in the natural foods category.
  • Follow up with consultant and Food & Beverage Atlantic representatives to discuss next steps.

This program will also serve as good preparation for any company that may want to participate in the 2023 Natural Food Expo Show.

This program has been made available in part by funding from ATIGA.

Industry Survey

Do you export? Do you plan on exporting? If so, we invite you to participate in our Food & Beverage Atlantic Industry Survey on Export-Related Planning! Help us help you by providing insight into your current goals, challenges and priorities for exporting outside of Canada. All information collected will be used confidentially by the four Atlantic Provinces, ACOA and FBA for planning purposes and export projects for the next four years. We ask you to take a half hour and fill out this survey before February 1st, 2023. This will help us identify the shows, programs, or support you need to start exporting or expand to new markets!

This program has been made available in part by funding from ATIGA.

The Expert Implementation Fund is intended to help food and beverage producers and manufacturers identify and leverage support from an industry expert(s) in an effort to overcome operational barriers through the implementation of quick, impactful solutions focused on continued growth.


This fund will support the implementation of small projects in various streams such as, but not limited to, finance/accounting (integration of programs for retailers), product innovation (market research, value-added products, product development, recipe formulation, shelf-life study, identifying co-packers, identifying ingredients, etc.), packaging, marketing (branding for export, etc.), and food safety procedures.

This program has been made available in part by funding from ACOA.

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Supply Chain 1·2·3 Workshops

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Edition 20

‚ÄúFBA helps us in different aspects of the business, from marketing to food safety and many other¬†things that are important to help run a successful food enterprise.‚ÄĚ

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