Edition 24

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Edition 24

Edition 24: February 15, 2023

This webinar is designed to:

  • Ensure applicants are at or close to the shelf-ready stage in their product development
  • Provide best practices for submitting the application form
  • Review Sobeys Food Safety approval requirements
  • Discuss the challenges and solutions for distribution to retail
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Submission Period for Spring Pitch
Opens March 3rd

Register Now for Hot Off the Press Canadian Food Labelling 2023 taking place March 7 & 9!

The purpose of the workshop is to expose the recent 2022 amendments to Canadian food regulations so that attendees of the training program can learn how these new rules will affect the compliance and labelling for their foods.

Registration deadline is February 21st!

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To find out more and to register for our other Food Safety Courses click here.

Food and Beverage Atlantic has a wide variety of member consultants who can provide expertise and an objective eye to help guide your food business. These experts specialize in various areas, including business development and strategy, operations, food safety and certifications, export, distribution, digitization, sales and marketing, and any other challenges you could use expert help with.

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If you are interested in being added to the FBA Consultant Directory, we ask that you fill in your information by clicking HERE. This offer is only open to experts and consultants who are a FBA member in good standing.

Food & Beverage Atlantic is working in partnership with the four Atlantic Provinces and the Atlantic Canada Opportunities to facilitate a program for export-ready food and beverage companies in the natural food category.

This program offers support to companies interested in exporting to the US:

  • Meet one-on-one with in-market consultant to discuss your current export capacity and growth plans
  • Based on export readiness, companies may take part in arranged meetings with vetted buyers in the US seeking products in the natural foods category.
  • Follow up with consultant and Food & Beverage Atlantic representatives to discuss next steps.

This program will also serve as good preparation for any company that may want to participate in the 2023 Natural Food Expo Show.

This program has been made available in part by funding from ATIGA.

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The Expert Implementation Fund is intended to help food and beverage producers and manufacturers identify and leverage support from an industry expert(s) in an effort to overcome operational barriers through the implementation of quick, impactful solutions focused on continued growth.This fund will support the implementation of small projects in various streams such as, but not limited to, finance/accounting (integration of programs for retailers), product innovation (market research, value-added products, product development, recipe formulation, shelf-life study, identifying co-packers, identifying ingredients, etc.), packaging, marketing (branding for export, etc.), and food safety procedures.

This program has been made available in part by funding from ACOA.

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Please join us in welcoming our newest FBA members:

  • South Shore Sea Salt
  • Keto Newfs Inc
  • Mountain 2 Inc.
  • Mistral
  • The Nova Scotian Cookie Company


The FBA is proud to present its members.

All natural bars & bites from The Oat Company are now available in a store near you.

You HAVE to try these. Real ingredients, no added sugar, and gluten/dairy free. Our most popular? The Peanut Butter Cup.

Find a store or grab a free-shipping bundle at oatcompany.com


will bring together NB fruit and vegetable producers and industry stakeholders.

The event will include concurrent technical training sessions, plenary sessions, social mixer and a trade show. Concurrent sessions will be devoted to apple, cranberry, wild blueberry, small fruit, vegetable, controlled environment agriculture production as well as a room for industry development.

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Supply Chain 1·2·3 Workshops

Presented by LearnSphere and FBA

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Edition 24

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