Edition 18

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Edition 18

Edition 18: November 15, 2022

Atlantic Canada food and beverage processors, this is YOUR industry annual conference!

  • Guest presenters who are connected to the F&B industry with¬†industry best practices¬†and¬†local success stories!
  • Keynote speakers¬†Tareq Hadhad from Peace by Chocolate¬†and¬†Nicolas Duvernois from Pur Vodka!
  • Networking with your industry ‚Ästin person!
  • Local food and drink, prepared especially for you with member products!
  • The¬†first Annual FBA Awards Ceremony, join to celebrate the winners!

Join us at the Arts and Culture Centre, Dieppe NB on November 24th for this very special day, we look forward to connecting! Register today!


For full conference agenda click HERE.

Registration Closes Monday, November 21

Registration Closes Monday, November 21

The Expert Implementation Fund is intended to help food and beverage producers and manufacturers identify and leverage support from an industry expert(s) in an effort to overcome operational barriers through the implementation of quick, impactful solutions focused on continued growth.


This fund will support the implementation of small projects in various streams such as, but not limited to, finance/accounting (integration of programs for retailers), product innovation (market research, value-added products, product development, recipe formulation, shelf-life study, identifying co-packers, identifying ingredients, etc.), packaging, marketing (branding for export, etc.), and food safety procedures.

This program has been made available in part by funding from ACOA.

Please join us in welcoming our newest FBA members:

  • Hiskiel Group Canada Inc
  • Fresh Organic Spices
  • Tea of Life Kombucha
  • Master Indian Spice


Try It, You’ll Love It!

Deek’s Spice Blends¬†strive to bring you the best quality and flavour spices in every batch that we personally blend by hand and package ourselves.

The family business of making some of the best donairs and pizzas in Halifax inspired us to offer the most authentic flavours of Halifax style donair and pizza that you can create in your own kitchen.

We also continue to create more blends, with rave reviews.

Food doesn’t have to be complicated Рit just has to taste good!

In May of this year, a number of food manufacturers raised concerns regarding a shortage of pallets.


FBC-ABC found that:

  1. Across Canada, 57% of food and beverage manufactures were experiencing a shortage of shipping pallets.
  2. The issue was particularly acute in Ontario, where 74% of respondents reported a shortage.
  3. In Ontario varied, 33% of companies were short 10% of their pallet needs; 41% were short 10 to 25% of their needs; and for another 26% the shortage exceeded 25%.


FBC-ABC organized a number of meetings with main pallet supplier CHEP over the summer.


FBC-ABC is asking that the following Pallet Survey be used to determine if the situation has improved.

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Edition 18

‚ÄúWe believe¬†that FBA helps food companies in the Atlantic provinces become stronger together.‚ÄĚ

Jean Robert Roy,

Vice President

Les Cuisines Roi Ltd, NB