Yazeed Sobaih

Yazeed shares traits with the elusive unicorn. His unique skillset combines digital marketing, technical logistics and entrepreneurial sales with a dash of creative problem solving. 

Applying a digital-first lens, Yazeed helps Haylo Branding + Marketing clients learn and adopt new technologies, improving customer interaction and engagement across all platforms. With a welcoming mix of curiosity, passion and tenacity, Yazeed has helped businesses and organizations across the country improve their marketing initiatives with trackable results. 

From helping brands more effectively integrate online ordering, join Uber Eats, and leverage Shopify, to geofencing mobile advertising, Yazeed provides a broad range of strategic direction, helpful guidance and reassuring support. 

With a passion for entrepreneurship and a background in Finance from Dalhousie University, Yazeed has accumulated a formidable mix of agency and corporate marketing experience over the past 12 years. When he’s not helping make the complex simple for Haylo clients he can be found immersed in any one a variety of hobbies including sports, gaming, travel and technology. A current Board Member of cancer fundraising non-profit GIVETOLIVE, Yazeed is a passionate and committed advocate for the cause.