Greg Fash

With 40 years dedicated to the food processing industry, Greg brings a unique perspective to clients based on his experience in B2B and B2C channels, and across global markets from North America to Asia. In the senior sales and marketing roles during his career, he developed a passion for new product creation and innovative approaches to solving customer problems. Greg was responsible for a significant number of transformational product launches, brand development campaigns, profit enhancement initiatives and acquiring new customers. Most recently Greg has focused his energy on helping transform the Atlantic Food and Beverage Processors Association by focusing on unmet export development needs in the sector. He firmly believes that success can only be driven by collaborative approaches to assessing opportunities and tackling challenges with a win -win mindset. His role will be to lead each phase of the stakeholder engagement and strategy development.Greg has a team of 7 experienced food business associates on the Aliment Team who will deliver specific expertise as needed in the project.