Gary Gnirss

Gary Gnirss, President of Legal Suites Inc., has over 30 years of experience in the food industry. In his early career, Gary worked for the Federal Government in a specialized regulatory affairs position spanning food laws and regulations. He joined Bulcan Foodbev (BFB) Consultants in 1991. BFB assists domestic and international clientele with respect to Canadian and US food labelling and compliance.

In 1996, Gary cofounded Legal Suites Inc., (LS), with Peri Bulcan. LS provides innovative and knowledge based solutions and training to industry.  This is aimed to facilitate the understanding and management of compliance with food laws, regulations and policies.

Gary has acted as an advisor to Advertising Standards Canada. He served as the Chair of the Government and Regulatory Affairs Expert Panel of Canadian Institute of Food Science and Technology, from 1998 to 2017.

Gary also writes the Regulatory Column in Food in Canada, (1997 – present), for one of Canada’s enduring food publications. In addition to writing, he is frequently asked to host or present seminars. He is a guest lecturer on food laws and regulations at the University of Guelph.”

Since 2006, Gary has been working in cooperation with Food and Beverage Atlantic (FBA) and its predecessors, presenting local workshops on Canadian and US food regulations and labelling. These workshops have been designed to keep professionals in the industry up to date with new rules. They also serve an important role in training new food industry professionals. During COVID challenges, online training has been offered with the interests of FBA members in mind.