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Since 1999, FBA has helped hundreds of food & beverage businesses from start-ups to multi-national companies.

Industry Resources and Industry Partners

Through membership engagement, innovative thinking and collaborative problem solving – we have helped to grow the industry across Atlantic Canada.

Strong networks, key partnership opportunities and access to industry expertise allows us to support members at every stage of their growth.

No matter what issue you are facing – We Are Here For You.

Your FBA membership provides a direct connection to the national scene. FBA works with Food and Beverage Canada (FBC) as well as other provincial associations to tackle important issues, such as: Covid-19 emergency funds and CEWS; grocery code of conduct; labour gaps and solutions; national workforce strategy; government programs that support innovation, and much more.

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Industry Resources & Industry Partners

Industry Resources

Your FBA membership gives you access to professional industry professionals and partner associations that can help your business grow!

“What a relief to have the support and guidance of the FBA. Helped us get expert advice on funding opportunities. Thank you, FBA team!”

Andy Armstrong,


Spindrift Brewing