Allergen Management Guidelines for Food Manufacturers

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Allergen Management Guidelines for Food Manufacturers

As you may be aware Food Allergy Canada and Université Laval partnered with Canadian food and beverage manufacturers, government stakeholders, healthcare providers, and international researchers on the development of a consensus-based food and beverage manufacturing industry guide for allergen risk management and the use of precautionary allergen labelling.  

Food allergy is a serious public health issue in Canada. Food allergens such as peanuts, shellfish, wheat, eggs, and milk affect over 3 million Canadians, including over 600,000 children, and 1-in- 2 households are also impacted.  

I am excited to share with you that earlier today we released the new publication, Allergen Management Guidelines for Food Manufacturers.  

Please see the media release on the newswire here.

This new guide, along with several resources, is available to food and beverage manufacturers across Canada at no charge –  

The Allergen Management Guidelines provides a framework for Canadian food and beverage manufacturers on how to develop an allergen control plan, or assess their current plan within their facility, and includes recommendations on the use of precautionary allergen labelling to ensure its use as an effective risk communication tool. 

Food Allergy Canada would like to work with your organization on sharing the Allergen Management Guidelines and resources with your members and networks. We can assist with newsletter and website content or coordination of a webinar. We are also planning a food and beverage manufacturer livestream event on LinkedIn that can be easily shared.

We are available to work with your team on preparing an outreach plan to your members. Please let me know if we can discuss this further. 

Beatrice Povolo
Director, Food Safety & Regulatory Affairs
Food Allergy Canada
1-866-785-5660/416-785-5666 ext. 105  

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Food Allergy Canada is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping Canadians with food allergy live with confidence.



Allergen Management Guidelines for Food Manufacturers

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